Making yummy treats!

Good sunny Sunday my friends. It is hot here in Belgium, temperatures rising like crazy, no rain in the first day and it is the first time in ages that the farmers have problems to keep their crops hydrated. Us cats are lazy, spreading out in every liquid form we can. Mom was in the mood to make us a yummy surprise. Yes, she was crafty with meat!

For her birthday mom got a food hydrator. She got one a few years back and it stopped to work very fast. Now she found a new one and her mom (our granny) got it for her birthday.

Food hydrator and meat mixer

Mom used it in the past to make healthy snacks for us, so Friday she had finally time to get us some fresh meat: chicken, Turkey and beef. Then she adds always her secret spice: “Valerian”

Meat for snack and spice

Now the plan is that you mix all 3 the meats, separated in the red machine you saw on the first photo. Mix them all in 1, 2, 3:


Mom add them together with the Valerian. A Minimum of 5 pills have to be added to the mix of meat ( just open the pills and add the content under the food)


Next making balls of the mix, a very long and boring work according to mom, but she finished it…

Meat balls

Then mom put them in the machine to dry, this will take up to 12 hours or more…. it is a long wait…

Yummy treats

Now we have a nice amount of yummy stuff, home made, very healthy (we know what is in it). Mom saves them in the freezer and she serves us every day one! It is very good for our teeth because we have to work for them to break in parts.

Wondering where I am in the picture? Well trying to open that dammed freezer, to get to our spare stash and to give a party with them for my friends…

Billy The Time Cat

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