Winter is coming

Crazy Amy Winter is coming, because mom changed the hour to winter time. That means she could sleep an hour longer… but we planned otherwise. We love more summertime. Mom was not happy with us. This is also Amy her Sunday Selfie. It is called: “hiding for winter” we will add it to the hop for The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

We have more stuff to talk about, so lets continue …

Today it is also one year that Fientje came to live with us. She loves to play with me but Amy is still not her friend and Silvertje she can tolerate when food is on her plate. Here she is showing how she spend the day “The perfect Lazy Sunday” and the purfect selfie!

Fientje Lazy 30

We had great time to create those selfies. We are getting pretty good in it.

The Cat on my head

Friday we got an awesome package in the mail from Miss Ellen and her kitties! I can tell you, it was awesome. Miss Ellen is really crafty, she made an awesome TARDIS with button art. Mom has a new pair of socks, one of the things I never suspected to write on my blog: ‘Mom fell in love with a pair of socks” So embarrassing.
Miss Ellen Halloween

I got my Halloween present early because I was impatient with what was in the package… Now, kind of disappointed with it because granny and mom made me new blankets for my bed… with Daleks. This will be a Halloween for never to forget.  At least the cat looks handsome 😉
Daleks bed

Because those Daleks are creatures… they will count for #JHC, Halloween challenge ” Creatures”

JNW's Halloween challenge


Hope you all have tomorrow a great and wonderful Halloween!


Billy The Time Cat

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