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Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey – Part 4

Photo1959 Finally we had our party! Mom was so upset friday about Cecil, so we could not have our party.
Yesterday we had our party but it was to late to post the photos. So today you can see the party peepers party like they never partied before!
Next Friday we have a new theme: “Exterminate”, so get yourself a Dalek or exterminate your toys… whatever you do have fun!
The clan of “Mickey’s Musing” attended our party and they are real party animals. They arrived in style. First Georgia arrived, the sky went wibbley wobbley and broke up in giant molecules.
Then she came out, she looks gorgeous.
The next clan member jumped out of an alternate coloring universe, Treasure you did it man! It was freaking awesome!treasure-0680-2
Number 3, is black as the night. She could be my twin sister from an other mother and oh boy can she dance… my paws still hurt when I move around.
julie-0617 copy
The day before a courier service brought a big package at my house. It said: “Open at your wibbley wobbley Timey Wimey party”. I love mystery packages. I had to hold my paws under control because I wanted to open that pack. I could not sleep, ok, I could travel to the future to my own party to see what was in it but that would spoil the fun of the mystery. I was guessing and thinking what could be in it. Finally I fell a sleep… So after the guest entered I opened it. It was a painting, suddenly it came alive and JJ jumped out with a lot of presents and balloons! That was a pawtastic entrance, one I will remember very long! It was even better then a cat jumping out of a cake.

Some of our sweet friends from 15andmeowing attended our party also, they arrived in THE TARDIS they borrowed from their mom, just hope they got the permission to use them or the license to drive it…




Thanks you my friends of the blogosphere for attending my party, visit them on following links:

Next month theme is… “EXTERMINATE” get those pesky Daleks out or destroy your house of kitty toys! Just “Exterminate”, “Exterminate”, “Exterminate” (Now I sound like a real Dalek, scary…)

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