Who is Amy Pond – Part 2

Still looking for answers, was it my fantasy? Still in doubt about myself.  I ignored my favorite wall by sitting with my but against it. I closed my eyes and opened them. I did a nap. I scratched at it. The crack in my wall is real. No fantasy, no myth. Something named “Amy Pond” damaged my wall. I have to find that person! Nobody is allowed to damage my favorite wall. Humans could not see it “My mom didn’t see it, my granny didn’t see it”. It had to be something cat-thingy.

10580919_10203513260903455_8564041191190112098_oOne night I woke up. It was more open, I saw a shadow and a paw coming through, a beautiful black paw. I heard more this time: “My name is Amy Pond, Can anyone hear me? Please can someone help me? I’m stuck here and waiting so long! Help”. OMC, A cat lady in distress, I need to find her, she needs urgent help! I tried to ask her where she was, but I didn’t get an answer back.

The echo of the cry for help is on my mind, I need help, to find her. It was time to get my friends with the TARDIS. I should consult them and ask them for advice. We have a rescue mission my friends!

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