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Where Cuddly dolphins swim in the sky

Billy and Amy catnip toysThe box has been opened and mom got the first catnip toy unpacked. 4Cats send us a selection of their toys to test them out. We got them for free but this review will tell only facts and no alternative facts.

4Cats is a firm based in Germany that specialize in quality catnip toys. They work with  real Valerian roots and catnip. Some toys have only only Valerian or catnip in them. Others have a combination of both.

The first toy we got in our paws is the “Cuddle Dolphin”. It is a big toy, with Valerian, soft in the paws. Very well to use to kick between your back and front paws. Being senior and that the box was addressed to me, I had the honor to try it out as first. That was the plan. Amy, Silvertje and Fientje smelled it from all sides of the appartement. With a blink of the eye they were standing around me like fierce predators. Amy the fierce one challenged me and I lost the argument for five seconds. Guess who showed them who was the boss? Me!

Winning the game!

Now what can I tell you about “The Cuddle Dolphin”. After the first snif, I smelled the best quality Valerian. It was ages ago I smelled Valerian like that. My both hearts made a jump in the air and did a double salto.

Billy eyes

My pupils started to grow, they could hold a complete universe in them. It was real magic that caught me.


I had the feeling that I had to hold it, kiss it, kick it or lick it… oh boy at my age… For me, it is a winning toy. I would give it 20/10. You can see me also playing with it on Facebook video

Fientje wanted to play also so being a gentleman, I let her play also ( Since Amy was not nice to me before). Fientje is a bit shy, still uncertain after her surgery but she let go!


Like I told you she is shy but she loved it so much. The next one who was lining up was Silvertje. Not shy, big cat attitude and predator first class (and catnip/Valerian addict)

Silvertje Dolphin

One of the big problems with Silvertje is when he likes a toy, he start drooling like a dog. Don’t tell him I told you. This time it was not a difference. The dolphin went soaking wet.

Silvertje dolphin 2

Silvertje is a big (fat) cat and with the above photo we want to show you that this toy is perfect for bigger cats.  Silvertje told us: “Finally a toy where I have the feeling I have something in my paw”.  You can see Silvertje in action on Facebook

Silver cuteness overload

The above photo is to show you how cute the Dolphin is. Isn’t he lovely? (Hello ladies, focus here on The Dolphin).

Amy was next in line but the toy was so wet (giggles) that she had to wait one day (giggles more).

Amy and Dolphin

Amy went berserk on the toy. She kicked it, did bite it. Her claws went deep in the Dolphin but the toy survived without a scratch.

Our conclusion:

All 4 of us enjoyed “The Cuddle Dolphin” from 4cats, here some things we like you to know:

  • Big toy, a great toy for bigger cats
  • Strong Valerian smell (mom calls it stinky feet smell)
  • The toy is strong and can handle some intense paw kicking
  • Outside is soft and strong with a perfect finishing touch and unique design
  • A purfect gift for your purfect furbaby!

If you want to see more about the fun we have check out our Instagram and Twitter page the upcoming days. The upcoming week we will test more toys out from 4Cats. Stay tuned for the next episode of legal catnip/valerian use in our house… next Monday, same blog, same place, different toy…

Oh Dolphin, I see you in the sky! Feeling high!
Billy The Time Cat

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