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When mom and I read books

DSCN3994I have to admit, mom and I love to read books. We seat ourself and mom starting to read, while she is snuggling me. I love those moments, she scratches my ear, rubs my belly and I would say I have all her attention, but that would be a lie.

Her attention is between the book and me. When it is evening when she starts to read, I have to admit she forget sometimes that it is time for our diner. So we have to start a fight or get her attention by meowing around. After she fixed that problem then she goes back to reading. I return back to her. How long does she read, well that depends on the book. Sometimes she reads one book on one evening, then it is a very good book.

DSCN3992Today she went shopping and she got a very good book in her paws. The book is called Alfie The Doorstep Cat. Written by Rachel Wells, who based the story on her first adopted cat Albert. You see on the right side the Dutch version.

Mom said it was a very well written story. Now, if you read further then we want to warn you: “Spoilers”

The book is about a cat named Alfie who loses his human. Now the others humans don’t want him so they want to put him in a shelter. Now, Alfie is afraid that he will end in a kill shelter. He escapes and start roaming the streets. He learns the life on the street and learns that if you find a nice street that you can have more then one home. He finds his purfect street and find his first home with a very sad lady.  He find a second home, a third home and a fourth home. All with one or more persons who are sad. Then he starts to change their lives in a good way. He finds the good life but then thing changes to bad again. To return back to the good life, the ultimate plan is needed and that plan is  something very dangerous. 

How it ends we will not tell but mom let out some tears!  She told me it was a good book to read, with some important lessons. Mom discovered that there are more books out and she will certainly download them! The author has a site, you can visit them here

I hoped you like our little review (I think Miss Ellen will) maybe we will do one every month. Mom has a lot of cat books that she have read, I think it would be pawsome.  That way I got a part of her attention.

Allons-Y to our next adventure in space (or in house)

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