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W4: Bow Ties Are Cool!

DSCN0466-2 Weekend it here and this time is a very long weekend for me. Mom doesn’t have to work for more then 2 weeks that is a lot of snuggling and napping time with my mom.

Today there is  another party in the TARDIS! Yes, already the fourth weekend we are wearing our bow ties fortunate I have lot of bow ties to wear. How about you?

Now what are we waiting for to get the party started? Put your paws into the air and wave them! Yes, lets dance.

The first guest is The One and only Oreo Cat. He has his latest new bow tie on: “The Bacon Bow Tie”. Special for Mister Oreo we will serve a lot of bacon snacks. If you want to know everything about declawing and why you shouldn’t not declaw your pet then he is the cat who can answer your questions or you can visit Oreo’s his site!

You remember the fighting two from last week, now they seem to have more family members and they are all coming this evening… so yes I think we will have a brawl or we can give them a lot of catniptini’s…














And more friends are underway, they even brought a box to the party! How awesome is that?

You can visit them on their webpage: Cleo, Snuggles, Misty… welcome!1614406_1583897825221655_5622560726342478621_o

Oh, look a golden bow tie, love it. It looks dashing on my friend Blue Lightning Chartreux.11164594_961619473882446_2478585165533848193_o

Quirky The Blind kitten Arrived also, OMC, he has a dashing bow tie on! I love it.

My friends thank you for coming over, we going to have fun! I brought a sun inside! We have catniptini’s a lot of bacon and a fantastic deejay to get us entertained. Let’s go and party!

If you want to attend our party, feel free to send us a photo with bow tie to following email:

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