Banana Party

W4: Always take a banana to a party

Silvertje We have some sleepovers from last party. Some have a serious catnip hangover, others are just taking a nap. I heard that, we The Dalek-fosters, were very generous with the Catnip. This will be the last banana party, next month we will have a new “Theme” because the neighbors were complaining of to many catnip high cats. We took a save theme: “Bow-ties are cool”. Photo’s with you wearing your bow-ties are welcome at following email:
This time we had a very royal family visiting us: Prince Pan Pan, his brothers and sisters. They all had their banana with them. Pip did it awesome on the dance floor. This royal is an expert in break dancing.
pip banana
Puck was doing the Macarena with her banana, never saw. I think she can dance like a dancing Queen. OMC, loving it!
puck banana 3
The royal Pan was doing the slow, not much motion in the dance but perfectly timed. Personally I could not do it because I would fall asleep between the moves. You can find this royal family on their Facebook page
pan with banana
Molly came along to find her royal prince so I hope she got the luck of her live. A royal prince looking for a lovely lady…. you can find her on her own Facebook page
We also found this UCO (Unconsious cat Object). Can the owner Collect his/her cat!
Mister Mooch was just in time to show his moves on the dance floor. The fluffy hair waived in the air like a summer breeze!
Mooch & friends
Frosty was here also with Mister Mooch, his dance moves were awesome!
We invited Princess Fiona and Shrek but just got a phone that Donkey ate all the bananas in the kingdom, so unfortunate we have to do without them. Puss in boots is still looking in his boots to find his banana who he was hiding from Donkey. Oh look there an other victim from catnip nap, oh no it’s our mom, come hide she thinks that we are at home, don’t tell anyone!
Now we have to go, we will talk to you later, The Dalek fosters!

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