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W2: Bow Ties Are cool

DSCN0884Welcome to week 2 of our “Bow Ties Are Cool”-party.  Mom did try to put on a bow tie on Amy and Silver. Do you know that television program “911”. Mom almost fit for that program, she almost got an “Emergency” on hand. I think Amy is still hiding under the couch and Silvertje is washing the blood from my mom of his fur. Oh boy enough blood to measure moms blood sugar. I bet it would be high from being stressed out. Well a lesson she certainly learned. Bow ties are not for every cat.

Enough blood spoiled on the floor, lets start the party with the first guests:

Our first guest today is  a owl I think. No, it’s an Ewok. No, he has for paws so it’s a dog. No it’s not he is meowing with a French accent then it can only be one cat: “Atchoum” OMC,  look he has a lovely bow tie on! Thanks you Atchoum mom to let him come to the “Bow Ties Are Cool Party”. Atchoum, you can find catnip at the bar. We serve tune treats later this evening. Visit Achoum at his website here or on Facebook


Mister Snowball loves to party because he is back with an other bow tie, wondering how many bow ties he has… mom went shopping yesterday and she bought me some new ones. I think I need to count them to know exactly but it will be more then five? How many do you have friends?thru 10-27-14 Snowball-witch hat 019
Mad Max is in the house and he is hiding, can you see him? Somewhere in this universe they will be celebrating Christmas… Max welcome to our party! Catniptini’s and treats you will find at the bar!
My friend Rasmuz Muzmuz put his best bow tie on. I think he looks very handsome with his bow tie on. We love Rasmuz… and seems he brought his lobster friend with him and who is doing peek a boo in the back and is trying to sneak into the party without a bow tie?….
Rasmus Bow Tie
Ruger is here with a lovely with bow tie. Now ladies who wants to dance with Ruger? You know his dancing moves are known from here to the end of the universe and I can tell you that is far far away that end!


The next whiskers are showing up for the party. New kids on the block with Moe Grey and his sister Chloe. Both wearing a lovely bow tie. You can find them on their Facebook page. Gentlemen don’t forget to dance with lovely Chloe!



Moe Grey

Moe Grey

Diamond’s are a girls best friend? I wonder if that is also for my friend Diamond. I should ask him when he arrives! There he is and he is not alone. His brother is also with him. They look dashing in their bow tie. OMC, this going be a great party!




I think everyone is here, so lets go to the party Island with catniptini’s, biggest litter boxes in the universe, tuna treats and lots of fun!
See you all back next week!

Don’t forget that next Saturday we will have another “Bow Ties Are Cool Party”. Mail us your photo’s to

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