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To The VET

Not happy So upset with my mom. She tricked Fientje and me. She put (more pushing on my bum) us in our carriage and went to the vet with us.

Why? Fientje had a growth under her skin, close to her spine, so mom wanted to check it out what it was.
Me? Mom wanted the vet to check my teeth and she wanted the vet do some nails trimming.

 Mom told the vet I always try to kill the couch, that is not true. The couch is always attacking me and I have to defend myself.  After the nail clipping, she looked at my teeth. It seems that I have some bad teeth that had to be removed and some cleaning.  The vet and mom wants it to happen as fast as possible because the infection is having fun with my sugar levels.

Lazy Fientje

Fientje underwent a biopsy, kind of an alien thing. You know they steal a piece of you and then they look at it to see what it is. Now, the good thing it is not cancerous. The bad thing is, it has to be removed because it is close to the spine.

Mom is not happy with it (and neither are we) because it will costs a lot of money for both operations. Fortunate mom loves us no matter what we cost to her ( The love of a momcat is never ending)
If you want to support us, we have an Etsy Shop, where you can buy stuff mom makes (money always go to animals in need). This time she will use it for us.

Love you all with my smelly teeth 😉

Billy The Time Cat

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