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To The North Pole – Part 3

There we sat all together with our little buts on the cold ice. Santa paw his town was death. The stardust was gone. Devastated, cold, sad, empty hearts…. the end of Christmas was near! Or not…

Amy Pond, The cat who waited: “You do have a plan, don’t you?”
Billy The Time Cat: No, I have a thing. “It’s like a plan, but with more greatness.”

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-06 om 23.20.33A plan is just a plan, we needed something more to save Christmas and Santa Paws. I had to spice up “The Plan”. This plan would be remembered by the greatness of all my friends. “This is Santa Town”, it will not fall further, it will fight back to regain all it’s glory. We will defend it, we will defeat our enemy. We are Santa’s secret helpers!

First off all, I needed to send the right cat, dog, rabbit to the right place. They will all perform the tasks of  Santa elves. I needed a creative cat, who should start up the packing area. Kadabra gets the lead for this task. When I let her know that she got this important task, she started to glow. Little lights started to shine in her eyes and suddenly a  little spark of Stardust whirled around. Everyone shouted: “Look Stardust” and more little sparks of Stardust appeared, some vanished but others stayed. A spark of hope returned to us. Zoeye, Friendly and other kitties wanted to help with this task.

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-04 om 18.07.54The Town was missing something else important: music! There was always Christmas music playing in the town, I had the perfect cat to get that fixed: “Trooper”. It was not his style of music but saving Santa was more important then anything else. He started his search for the Music. Meanwhile he started to sing some old fashioned Christmas Carols.  What made everyone smile. We were a step closer to save  this Christmas!

Food is really important, the smell of gingerbread was always present. So I send Frosty to the kitchen to heat up the ovens and make some gingerbread with a twist of catnip. The Oreo Cat came along to bake us some bacons he got from his mom. The Oreo Cat sharing his bacons, that is a real “Christmas miracle”

Boo Boo Moriarty and Fluff had to find “The Secret Santa Files”, the books with all the wishes of this year. So we could pack all the gifts for the right animals. Mr. Mooch and his friendly Daleks going to help him. It won’t be easy but I know they don’t know the word failure.

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-06 om 22.06.46Tooga and HRH Bluebelle arrived  after my call for help. They got in charge to make every tree a Dangly Toy Tree. They got assistance from our friendly friends the rabbits.  I send Amy and Rupurrt to the elves playground, where the kitties, puppies and little rabbits could play.  The factory needed to start up so we could start to make presents. BuhbeeWynken, Blynken, Nod & Happy, Hunter and his friends and the Spartan Cats volunteered to fix the factory.

Santa always wrote a small letter that goes with the presents, so Nerissa took up this task with love, I think his paws will hurt from all the writing but the satisfaction would be greater then all things in live. I forgot to mention the dogs, they gathered wood to start the fireplaces in the houses. An small group of dogs searched for the moose, we needed them to fly the sledge. With all the helping paws doing wonderful work, it looked that we were underway to save Christmas. Music sounded, the smell off fresh baked gingerbread found its way through the town, Dangling Toy trees started to show up, fireplaces heating up the city. Schermafbeelding 2014-12-06 om 23.25.46Gifts slowly started to role out of the factory to the packing area.  The dust that was on the ground started to shine bit by bit, it became “Stardust” . Santa Town came back alive, we still had a long way to go but we had little time until Christmas.

Mom, dads, humans and families of friends who went with me on the TARDIS, I have to inform you that your beloved pet will not be home in the first weeks, although you won’t remember that part after Christmas (Oops, spoiler). I will bring them home before Christmas diner, I promise! They are saving Christmas.

Amy Pond, The Cat Who Waited: “What about Santa Paws?”

Billy, The Time Cat: “What about Santa paws?”

Amy Pond, The Cat Who waited: “Are you going to save him?”

Billy, The Time Cat: ” Come a long Pond! It’s almost Christmas!”


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