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To learn or not to learn, is that a question?

Owl BillyTo learn or not to learn? This is a question I have asked myself. Should I learn more about those pesky Daleks or should I just ignore them and hope they would go away. One morning I woke up and I was feeling like an owl. Owls are smart, smarter then you think. I have a lot of owl friends. Never go into an argument with owls, you cannot win. I felt so smart as an owl, so I decided to read a book and do a book review. If I would read a book I wanted a book that would learn me something new. So I decided to read a book The Doctor send me ages ago:  “The Dalek Handbook”.

The book has a lot of photos in it, I like that a lot. For a cat it is important to have some entertainment in it. Like social media but then in books. On Gallifrey we had books that moving photos in it but now back to the book. I will first show you the cover of this book:

Billy reading books

It looks very interesting but I always look at the first page, not that is one hell of a complicated page, still studie the lines and… Wait a minute, what is a mouse doing on my book? Sorry got to catch that mouse before she eats my book….
Billy and mouse

Now, next week I will tell you more or the week afterwards, maybe mom will finished her book, Have to go now. Love you all (except for the Daleks, Cybermen, Wheeping Angels,…)

Billy The Time Cat
Always in trouble or making trouble

Bloopers happen, attempt number 759819 to get me look to the book…

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