The Weeping Angel

The Truth Is Out There!

The Truth Is Out There!

The city of Ghent where  I currently live is an very old city. The first people who settled there, they were from ‘Celtic’ origine.  At the same  time a new city was born on the banks of the river Thames, it is now listening to the name  ‘London’. The founders were also from  ‘Celtic’ origine. London has his Time Lord and the city of Ghent has his Time Cat. What make both of these cities so important that they need a Time Lord and a Time Cat? “Rivers”

Why do I tell you these historical facts? I know most of you were sleeping during history classes because you found it boring. This is not boring history this is a ‘fantastic’ part of history and not only because someone asked about it on my Facebook page. It’s really fantastic!

It was in the time of the Celtic people a very important place, their priest felt the energy that was building up in the rivers, an energy that attracted all kind of evil, not only from Earth but also from outer space: “aliens” in all kind of colors and shapes. They kept the evil in control, rivers were protected from aliens, they became protectors from the Earth.

DSCN1298The Dark Ages started slowly and the priests were almost all killed for witchcraft. The last priest was send out to find Gallifrey, they were aware that they were Time Lords and Cats that could help them by taking over the protection of the Earth. He arrived at  Gallifrey at the time of the”The Last Great Time War”. He found the The Doctor and gave his message and disappeared. His name was Gabriel.  The war ended and by the time The Doctor arrived, it was almost to late. Aliens invaded London,  Weeping Angels everywhere, cybermen parades in the streets, you know the scenario: ‘It could be worse well  it’s worse!’ That was one of these times. Things went also out control in a small town called Ghent. The Doctor needed help, so he called me, yes:’me’ to fix the trouble in this town. That wast the first time I went to Ghent.

When I arrived in Ghent it was a “situation out of control”.  There I was as little Time Cat but fortunate I had the people of Ghent who are known to be very rebellious, they revolted under my command in 1540 to save their town. History didn’t mention it but they fought at my side to save the world.

Standing on the Wall

Standing on the Wall

We almost lost the city and the Earth to the Weeping Angels. Their plans were very simple: “Take the fish out of the water”. Fish regulate the energy level in the rivers and seas, they keep the energy under control. If they remove them the rivers would explode. I caught one of them on a wall starting the proces. I had to fight him and started to sneak closer to him without blinking. Meanwhile a time vortex opened and some threw a  “gas mask” down, I recognized the miauw of Mr. Mooch. He miauwed me that I had to put it over “The Weeping Angels” head, there were mirrors in it. Boo Boo Moriarty had build it, I asked him that somewhere in a future visit. I know it’s complicated. I took the mask without blinking, I sneaked further. Ok I lied , I blinked, Oops! The Weeping Angel saw me coming and he came after me. I did a Timey Wimey and went to the future to ask Boo Boo to add some eye glue to keep my eyes open. When I returned The Weeping Angel his focus was back to the river. I found the gas mask I lost and inside there was glue for the eyes. So I glued my eyes open, no more blinking for me.  That way I  managed to get so close that I could put him the mask on. He froze up instantly and from that day on he is standing there on the wall as a reminder of that war. A war only remembered by few but not slightly forgotten.

PS: We want to thank Tom Frantzen for putting this Angel in Ghent, it’s the Angel of purification.


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