Thankful Thursday

The wedding

clara & pink Believe it or not, it is a crazy week. Where do I start: “It started on Sunday, when Clara and Mister Pink Decided that they would marry. They want to do this the upcoming Valentine day. Mom was excited, me I’m less excited. Most of the time when humans get married they get babies, you know those little critters that pull your tail and think you are a pillow. Now what would you think come out a Dalek and a Cyberman… For most of you it is too much details for me, it is reality. Mom want to use the TARDIS as a TAXI. Hello? Mom are you kidding me? Now, she is out with Clara to find the purfect wedding dress for Clara… Isn’t that crazy?  Clara wants me to be the ring bearer. I met someone who was a ring bearer, his name was Frodo and he regretted to accept that job.


Why I’m thankful? Well because it is Thursday. I’m sitting on a planet far away with a few friends, drinking some Catniptini’s and my poem is about friends because you can never have enough:

One is none

Two is fun

Three is you, you and me

Four is a galore

Five is a jive

Six is a mix

Seven is not evil

Eight it might

Nine they are all mine

Love and purs,

Billy The Time Cat

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