Star Wars

A Galaxy Far awayIn a galaxy far away, there was a princess called Leia. She needed help, because her father wanted to kill her. She send two droids to help her, then things got complicated. A farmer boy, an old man found the droids and then things got very “unbalanced”.

The Farmer boy, named Luke Skywalker,  is her brother who didn’t know that and fell in love with her. He likes to explode “Death Stars” his daddy’s toys. The daddy is the mean ” Darth Vader”, loves to wear black and is my friend. I think he might be a bit allergic to cats because he is always breathing strange when I’m in the surroundings.

Then you have the pointy ears  Jedi Master Yoda, I like him a lot. He is a great teacher. He hopes one day I will come to the other side, but I love my black fur.

I like the smugglers, they are scoundrels, one is very cool “Han Solo”. I don’t like that walking carpet he keeps as a pet. I always let the Wookie win, something I learned from C3PO. Most of the time he isn’t useful, but when changing strategy he is a real asset.

Oh and I love Tatooine, that planet has the biggest litter box in the universe. Dagobah is also neat with all these trees to scratch my nails.  I love Naboo, a lot of hiding places and Padmé is a real sweety.

A lot of things are going on in this universe far away but I’m always holding it close to me so when a friend is in need or if I need advice I can be fast there with my TARDIS.

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