The Traveling Scarf

The Traveling Scarf

photo1164-versie-2 The upcoming months we plan to do something fun. We want to invite all our friends on the internet: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, bloggers to take part in project.
Mom and I want to send out some scarfs I wear on my world famous photo. Now the plan is that kitties around the world will wear my scarf. To do that we need your help!

We are going to make a list of kitties who want to wear my scarf. Mom and I will make a list of those kitties addresses. We will send the scarf out to the first kitty on the list. When the photo is taken “The traveling scarf” will be send out to the next cat on the list. Mail us the photo of your cat(s) with the scarf and they will be put on our blog!

What we need from you is to send your complete address (including country) to us:

you have time until the end of this month. We will send out 2 scarves, one to USA/Canada and one to Europe!
Don’t keep my scarf, there will be a lot of kitties who want to wear it and I will send some cybermen and Daleks to your house!

Update September 13th:

  • Sharing our project is fun, it will be more fun if you could share it with our hastag: #timecatscarf
  • Follow us on our special Instagram account:
  • We will make a list of all participants next monday, we send emails out to everyone with the address of the cat you have to send the scarf to.
  • If you have more then one cat or dog, they all are allowed to wear the scarf

Lets make this a fun event and see where my scarf will go!

Questions feel free to ask them here!

Love and purs,
Billy The Time Cat


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