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The Third Rock around The Sun!

DSCN2988Anyone told you about The Third Rock around The Sun? Well, with school starting it’s time that you learned something nobody told you about that Third Rock. Teachers are not aware of this issue! It’s one of the biggest secrets in the universe.

I think I told you that we time cats like to have fun with round things like normal cats. Now, planets are round and we like to play with them. It’s funny not to play with them.  In the beginning of the universe when our solar system started to get in shape, I watched it closely. I saw round stuff taking shape. I had to wait for a long time and when I the first live forms started to form on The Third Planet, I got naughty. I played soccer with the third planet, ok and I used it as a basketball and a tennisbal. Was fun, it was a lovely red planet with water and stuff like that.  Then I made a mistake. I was not focused, a disturbance in time and space or I was hungry. Can’t remember it exactly and I switched the third planet with the fourth planet. Mars was actually The Third Rock around the sun and Earth The Fourth rock around the sun. Now all humanity should be thankful our you should all be Martians instead of Earthlings.

I hope this was an very interesting story for the first day of school, don’t forget to tell your teacher about this! He won’t believe you but we know the truth!

Billy The Time Cat

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