The Summer Of The Daleks – Part 3

Outside 2 Hello friends that should be exterminated! We had to put a hold on our adventures: first Billy got us in the ropes. After we escaped we tried to sell our dino-fossil but none of those collectors wanted them. So no money no travel. They didn’t believe it was very old. We threw it outside. We had to think about new plans for our summer. We tried BBQ, yellow almost burned the appartement down. We forgot our troubles with the dino. Then it started to rain. We had some sunshine. When we were in our swimming suits it started to rain, if we were dressed for rain the sun tried to bake us.

fortunate there was Billy’s party
. We arrived at he party and after a few a while a dino was standing there in front of us. The Dino started to ask if we were her mummy. Now, we are a lot but we are certainly not a mummy. The Dino looked familiar. We hurried back home to check out The Dino fossiel and the only thing we found was an empty cocoon. The conclusion: The Dino-fossiel became a full grown Dino. Creepy, we didn’t tell Billy.
I think he would be upset if told him we got the dino-fosil from the future and that it came alive.

The idea was to ignore the problem. To move along with our summer and hoping that The Dino also would move along… wrong thinking. The next day, we woke up and guess what? Billy invited The Dino into our house. He discovered that she was looking for her mummy, so he promised to help her. If we were capable of sweating, we would be sweating like a horse, we think that you humans say it that way.
Amy became fast close friends with her. I think it has to be girls talk or something but she offered her one of her favorite sleeping spots.
The second night she stayed also, the third night also and on the fourth night it happened.
The Dino is a mummy and she laid eggs. You know what happened next… Billy’s mom told us that The Dino can stay until her eggs come out. Billy is not happy, we are not happy. The one and only household member who is happy is Amy. Her mother feelings are coming back.
Billy is hoping that they are not meat eating Dino’s and we hope that this won’t be trouble in our little paradise.
We Daleks should exterminate The Dino and eggs but Billy would not agree. We worked on our plan…. We have an A & B plan. If A fails we need you to help with B: Billy’s party next week. Everyone should come, special the ladies so Billy has to dance with everyone so we can take The Dino back to where he belong. I hope we can count on our friends who should be exterminated!!!

Thanks in advance,
The Daleks.

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