The Summer Of The Daleks – Part 1

DSCN2599Hello friends, do you remember us?
We are The Foster Fails of Billy’s mom.
Billy ignored us for a few weeks even months but with the good weather we managed to escape to the outside world. Billy, Amy and Silvertje were KO due to the heat, so we had some fun. Did we say some fun? No, We had a lot of fun. We decided to share the fun with you through Billy’s his blog.

After our escape we found the beach stuff. While digging and around we found a flashy dino. You know those ancient creatures that once ruled this stone you call “Earth”. We dragged that dino into our truck and we are planning to sell it to a museum. I bet we will get a lot of money for it. We can build then more Daleks! More extermination!!
Outside 2
Dragging that dino into our truck was really a nasty job: “It was hot, the dino didn’t help a paw”. We were thirsty afterwards so we got a dino-cocktail! It tasted so good. No, we won’t share the recipe.
After that nice dino-cocktail we wanted to swim, so we went to the swimming pool. Unfortunate there was a crocodile in the swimming pool, so we had to exterminate it before swimming. Afterwards we felt sorry, it would have been more funnier to put it in Billy’s TARDIS. DSCN2603
We were refreshed and ready for some more action. We found a cat toy of Billy and we played soccer/football with it. It was fun until one of us lost his temper and exterminated the cat toy. I hope it’s not the favorite one of Billy but we know he has a gazillion cat toys so certain he won’t miss it.
After all this fun it was time to get a giant Ice Cream. Everyone, you should try ice cream,it is delicious! We relaxed in the sun until white got sunburned and started to whine.DSCN2606-2
Time to clean up all the prove of our adventure before the cats wake up. They didn’t know it but it is our “TOP SECRET”. Nobody Tell it or we have to exterminate you!

The Daleks Foster Fails

PS: We had so much fun we decided to go more out, so watch out for our next adventure (suggestions are welcome!)

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