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The “Secret book of cats”

Today I got an emergency call from River Song. There was an important book missing out of the secure collection: “The Secret life of cats”. This is the most important book for cats. If it gets into the wrong hands, we are lost. It’s vital for us to bring it back to the place where it belong.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-23 om 19.40.22I went to River Song, but first I had to pick up an expert in books, because honestly I  read books but that is it. Most of the time I fall asleep above the first chapter.  Fortunate I have a very good friend named Boo Boo Moriarty.  He lives in New Zealand and there is a bus with books coming to his house. He always picks some books for reading. He is one of the smartest cats I know. Since it’s a book issue and a cat issue, he became the purrfect cat to help me with the “secret job”.

I Picked my friend up with the TARDIS. We traveled to the Library, where the jaw of Boo Boo Moriarty dropped on the floor. I explained him that we have to find the book or it would be the end of the cat-race. River Song explained us what happened that she saw a shadow in the Library. Then the alarm sounded in the secure area and that she discovered that “The secret Book of cats” was missing.

The first question  that popped on my mind: “How the book looked”. River told us the details: ” A very tiny book that fits in the paws of a cat. The outside was bit smudge with hairball left overs, yes, the last owner had hairballs issues. It was written around the time the Egyptians started to worship cats.” Think we had all information we needed.

So our search started on the crime scene. I smelled the air, while Boo Boo Moriarty tried to peek into the secret books, special the one “The Secret book of dogs”. After a serious warning he started to help with the search.

We discovered something akward: ” The trace of a smell not belonging to this universe”. It was the smell of a bounty hunter. What would a bounty hunter do with that book?. The one and only universe I know that has bounty hunters is a galaxy far away. So I told Boo Boo to dress up as scoundrel. Allons-Y, to Tatooine.  It had been a while since I was there, so I hoped that some of my connections where still around.

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-23 om 20.00.13We arrived and we went straight to the “Cantina” where I introduced him to the Blue-Milk and the Cantina crew. I asked if they had some information for an old friend. “There are rumors that a kitten went to the Dark Side, that she wanted to rule over the kitten world. That she wanted to book.”  Certainly we were on the right track. Dark Side was not hopeful, very dangerous they are.

I had my connections. I called Darth “Vader” and asked him if he knew who that kitten was.  He did hear about a rogue Dark Jedi cat named “Darth Wiskers”. That she was last seen at the Jedi Temple.

We had a name, we had a place where she was. Time was crucial, the trace was still hot so we had to hurry up. We jumped into the TARDIS, I directed it to Coruscant.

We changed clothes and dressed up. Me as Jedi-master (actually I’m one) and my friend as a young padawan. I introduced him to the Jedi-council and told them the problem.  Master Yoda, agreed that the two of us should find her. So we got cart blanche for our investigation.

We sneaked around in the “Jedi Temple” to hear the gossip about a small kitten with a book. Should not be hard to find? Unfortunate we didn’t find anything. We were thinking that she left this place. Until a day that Boo Boo Moriarty  heard that there was tuna missing from the head librarian. Tuna = cats so we needed to set up a trap. A Tuna Trap more precise.

We went to the kitchen where we got spoiled and got a complete fresh tuna. We laid the tuna in a corner of the library. We waited and our hiding spot was  behind some of the biggest books Boo Boo Moriarty ever saw in his young life. Then we saw a tiny kitten coming to the pile, it was so small, how can anything so small become so evil? Boo Boo d dropped the trap and the tiny kitten started to cry. “Please, don’t hurt me, I was kidnapped from my mom. Do you know where my mom is? Please I didn’t want to steal the book, they forced me. I came here to find shelter and hoped I would stay unnoticed”. Boo Boo confirmed to me that it was the book. He read the first page but isn’t allowed to say what was in it because that are spoilers.”

We had the book back, the future of the cats race is save.  We also  have a kitten that was separated from his mom. I went to Yoda. The situation was explained and cleared. He could stay and we named him Jack. His path is now “The Way of The Jedi” .

One day I will find his mom, I promised that.

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