Tardis blanket

The postman always rings Twice!

TARDIS Blanket

TARDIS Catnip Blanket from Ellen

The last weeks we got several beautiful cards and gifts from friends. In August we celebrated that Amy Pond, The Cat who waited was a year with us. A year is going fast my friends, specially for a Time Cat.
The postman got more then enough work with us bringing the coolest gifts in the universe.
Now, we love the postman ringing. How many of you kitties loves the postman?
Now lets show you all what we got!

First the cards of Amy’s gotcha day in August! The first card is from Amy’s Granny:
Granny 2015
The Second was from Aunty Linda:
Linda J.
The Third one is from Aunt Mary:
Aunt Mary

We got a lovely card from Aunt Ellen and her 15 meowing crew members, with sweet Lucy and her TARDIS on the card..
Sweet Lucy

I got also a card from Aunt Mary because she was worried about me and my eyes (At this moment they are fine):

We got a card from my friend The Oreo Cat, he brings joy to our lives:
The Oreo Cat

The first big surprise we had from Aunt Mary, she send us two lovely TARDIS, one for me and and one for moms. Photos me wearing “The TARDIS, will be posted later:

This morning the postman delivered a lovely present from Miss Ellen, from 15 and meowing:
And with it was a lovely TARDIS Blanket with catnip, could not wait to jump on it and getting high (bit to late for the premiere of the new season but next saturday I will watch with my blanket Dr. Who)
TARDIS Blanket

Thanks everyone for all the beautiful cards and gifts!

Billy, Amy, mom

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