Friday Fun

The nip is in the house!

IMG_3466 Weekend is here and I had a serious chat with my mom about things that happened while I was at the vet sleeping…
Mom: “While you were sleeping a box arrived for you”
Billy: “Was it a blue box? Did it make a sound like someone forgot the breaks?”
Mom: “It is a brown box that stinks like smelly feet”
Billy: “Sounds interesting, now, where is my box?”
Mom: “I know what is in it… did you use my credit card to pay it?”
Billy: “What? First it is my box, second you opened it and third I don’t even know what is in it..”
Mom: “A lot of stinky catnip toys from Germany”
Billy: “Catnip Toys from Germany? Do you ever listen to me? Do I need to send you to the vet so she can check your ears?”
Billy: ” It are the toys we have to test for a review. Now, give me my box.”
Mom: “No, The vet told me no catnip until the weekend”
Billy: “Mom, it is Friday… weekend started”
Mom: “Not this weekend, this weekend starts on Saturday!”

hanging around

Time now for some Friendly-Fill-ins. What else can you do because the weekend arrives with delay? See what Miss Ellen from 15andMeowing and Ann from McGuffy’s reader cooked up…

1. My favorite herb or spice is catnip. It’s smells delicious, my brain is reacting on it and I get wings and I can fly.

2. An herb/spice I dislike is pepper, I have to sneeze from it. Once I got to close when my mom was preparing food and use the pepper I can tell you I almost sneezed my brains out.

3.Lately, I have been working on pay back time. Stealing my teeth, open my boxes and I don’t know what else happened when I was at the vet.  Pay back  is needed.

4.This Winter was coming with a lot of delay. I think it never arrived actually, something like this weekend, maybe it will come in the summer.

Friendly Fill-Ins

For those that already started with the weekend “Enjoy”… love you to the moon and back.

Billy The Time Cat – weekend is postponed for a time traveler, oh the joke!

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