The nip in the mouse!

When a well educated cat like Boo Boo Moriarty ask  you a serious question you better listen and if he has two for you you better answer. Yes, he had two for me and both were intriguing for me. How could I refuse the answer on these to questions…

  • How did the nip got into the mouse? I find that a very good question and yes, I know the answer!
  • How was the toy mouse invented?  I think that this is a very  legit question, but this one is more a “why” question.

I find it something every cat should know about, this is history my friends and a lesson you all should know (You can thank me all later in the comment)
Photo2044The toy mouse  is a recent introduction  in history. While we started with Catnip in Old Egypt we now start with the industrial revolution. Yes, the period where fabrics showed up in our lives. It was a fantastic period to life in.  A lot of new things were invented. Humanity got smarter on a lot of things but there were also some downsides. One of the downsides were that humanity  started to live more and more in big cities and in small houses. There were no trees or gardens for them to play. Life got boring for the cats living in that period. Instead of being great hunters they became lazy cats. If they brought a mouse at home they got punished because it was suddenly “Eekes, awful, not done, forbidden, only street cats should do that…” and the catmoms always starting to yell that they had to play with it somewhere else and not on their just cleaned floor. Life got confusing: “What once was, was not allowed anymore”. My furrfriends got in a depression. They stopped washing their fur. They were just lying there being sad. Mouses disappeared from the city and the lucky cats were the ones who lived on the farms with barns. I made it my task I to bring back the joy of their life: “The mouse”.  They needed it back that would cheer them up, get them playful and health again. I had to change their lives for the sake of the cats.  I started to travel back and fowarth in time. I introduced the one and only mighty mouse: ‘ Fun entertaining, not alive and kicking mouse”. I started wit the simple grey mouse and found myself some cats to test it out on them! They loved it! They started to play again. They all started to purr and the eyes, OMC the fun was beaming out of them! I was on the right track for a solution. I had to introduce “The mighty mouse” very very sneaky. I learned an old lady how to sew them, she gave them to family cats to play with them. The succes was so immens that factories started to make them. Later I introduced a bell on the tail, bigger mousses , other colored mousses. Shiny mousses and then the catnip mousse! Yes, I invented also the catnip mouse, although it was more a bad incident… I dropped a complete bag with catnip when they filled the mousses. I didn’t tell anyone “giggles”. They were such a big succes that scientist spend a year finding out what was different with other mousses. Cats went crazy on them! Thats how the nip got into the mouse. I never told anyone I was behind the toy mouse but now you know my secret. Don’t tell anyone!

My latest “mouse upgrade” is “The green Migthy mouse”  you see me playing with it, it’s showing up everywhere on this world! It’s the biggest succes in the universe! If your cat has a mighty mouse, let me know and post a picture here!10460586_733766440036694_2970825283824133465_o

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