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The lost TARDIS

I woke up and my TARDIS was gone. Normally it leaves a note: “I’m shopping” or something like that. But not this time. The basket where he normally sleeps was empty. You know waking up this way is horrifying. First thing that came to my mind was, that the Timelords took it away as punishment for my last adventure.

So I started to search for Amy  to ask her if she saw something… OMC, Amy was also missing. One and one is two, so my conclusion was fast: “The two events are connected”.  Now, I had to find her. The Sonic Screwdriver didn’t find the TARDIS or a trace from Amy. All bad things popped up in my mind: Daleks, Cybermen or other evil got her… I need help. So the first person to contact was HRH Bluebelle, she has a TARDIS and she would be able to help. So I got in contact with her. She wasn’t able to help because she was still hunting Prince Harry. She was a whisker away from him, so she could not stop the hunt (I call it an obsession).

Now I got a real problem, no TARDIS, no fast way to travel. I called “Stargate Command” if they could help me. They told me that “The Stargate” was out of commission due to a malfunction. You know Murphy’s law? It’s was one of these days. I talked to Silvertje about my problem and he contacted his friend Scotty. Scotty beamed us up to the Enterprise. The problem got explained again; about changing the past and the future with the TARDIS.
Fortunate, they understood. They wanted to help. So first I needed my companions. Wilby, Morton, Mr. Mooch got beamed up. While getting the last member of the companions I explained my problem. We arrived at Rupurrt’s house and he wasn’t home. Ok, that can happen, maybe his mom grounded him because he was naughty again.

We needed a plan to find the TARDIS, we tried with the skills of Mr. Mooch to adjust the Enterprise to find the TARDIS, no luck. I used my sonic screwdriver on DATA and even he couldn’t find the TARDIS. Spot was also worried about was going on. So he used his skills to find her again no luck.

The technology wasn’t good to find the unique structure of the TARDIS, so I asked them to drop us at my home, were we could talk further about what we should do.

Scotty beamed us to my house and look who was sitting there? Amy, she looked innocent. So I checked on the TARDIS and it was in his basket. I demanded Amy, to tell me where she did go! She lied to me. Oh, that girl is in so much trouble, can you believe it! I still don’t understand why the TARDIS even allowed her to go on travel without me. I think I should have a serious talk with both of them. I cannot allow that. Naughty TARDIS and Amy!
I hope they didn’t change the timelines while they were out there.

I apologized to my friends for causing that much trouble and brought them back to their house, just in time for their afternoon snack.

I hope Amy Pond, skips these “adventures” in the near future. I have to go now talk to Amy the troublemaker!

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