The Library

Hello Sunshine, where are you? To many hours without sun got me boring, so I decided I would go to “The Library”. There I met a strange lady: ” River Song”. She started to talk about time travel. What time travel can do, what it can change.  I didn’t realize that this could happen (I admit I will forget it now and then). So she learned me things I have to know as a “Time traveling cat”.

“Spoilers”: things I cannot talk about with you. If I take you with me for a trip and you see certain things that are “spoilers”. Now the thing is that YOU, Yes YOU,  shouldn’t miauw about it. To be certain you don’t miauw about it, I went to Old Ben. Ben lives on Tatooine. I stranded there with my Tardis, the cats there are really lucky, never seen a big litter box like that before. So I had to walk all the way to old Ben, I tried to get a ride from the Sand-people but no luck for me, although they picked up 2 droids. Finally found old Ben, and he learned me some Jedi-mindtricks. After that long walk, I was in desperate need of a nap and some cat milk. After the nap Ben and Luke gave me a ride back to Mos Eisley. I went to the catina to drink some blue milk (Oh boy, catnip milk is nothing against that). I heard a shot, involving some guy called Han Solo, pretty certain he shot first. So that was the time for me to go back to the Tardis and leave the big litter box behind.
So if you wonder if you ever been on the Tardis then I can say “Yes”, but when, where, what I can’t unless it save to tell you. Want to know what you did, keep reading here … maybe your name will show up

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