The haunted planet

Billy TardisHaunted, I love haunted. I love haunted houses and castles. I can’t get enough of them. I have an awesome story to tell you. It is about a haunted solar system.

I discovered this haunted solar system in the  year 3131, October 31: “Halloween”.

Today #JHC Day 5 challenge is haunted,  it is a good time to tell it.

Let’s start with the beginning of the story. It was Halloween in the year 2013. Everyone was doing trick or treat. After the gazillion time that a kid interrupted my nap, I jumped into my TARDIS, I had enough of it.  I don’ t know what they put that year in the candy but it did something with the kids.

Haunted planet

I put in some random coordinates and let the TARDIS decide what year. That is how I ended at The Haunted Solar system. It has 13 planets and 13 suns, crazy isn’t it, strangely the temperatures were ok for a nap or two. Most important: ‘No Live forms on that planet” Just purfect.

I set up my sleeping spot: “Soft blanket from my mom, warm blanket from my mom”. Some catnip toys, little bit into the sun. Really comfy. It didn’t take a blink of an eye and I was asleep. Dreaming about the good life I have.

Haunted planet 2
Then it started. A noise, a bang on a door. Giggling, screaming…. You know what they say, if something is to good to be true.. Now, I could ignore it and move on too another planet or I could stick around and find out what is going on… Curiosity killed the cat but I’m curios and certainly was not planning to be killed.

What happened? Well lets keep that for later this month, just warning what happened there ain’t pretty. Good Halloween adventures should never be pretty.

Petcube, Inc.

Today it was also wordless Wednesday, I think I just used to much words, so we moved it to  our awesome photoblog :-) Check it out here

Thanks for reading, have a haunted evening

Billy The Time Cat


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