The Fashion Oehoe

Billy & The Tardis Christmas is almost there and I was thinking I needed something special to wear. Not the normal stuff but something eye catching. Fashionable, where kitties would speak about it the upcoming millennia.

So I went to the fashion Oehoe. Probably you never heard of him. I can’t blame you. I never heard of him before until a few days back. I found an advertisement of him. I found it interesting because he opened his shop in the year 2099. His advertisement was in a local newspaper on november 27th, 2016.

Now, that is interesting, paying advertisement for a shop when it only opens in the future. Or he was a time traveler or he was a big scam! ( These days, you never know). I decided to find it out and jumped into my TARDIS and went on an adventure… He was only available at the shadows from the night. So I went there with some Holy Water,  a cross, garlic and a spike. If you are only available at The shadows of the night, then you are a vampire.

I jumped out of my TARDIS, with my anti-vampire survival kits and I called for the Fashion Oehoe… Now, what a surprise I got when I saw an owl… Oehoe is Dutch for an owl.Fashion Oehoe

Now, I was feeling stupid standing there with my cross, garlic and other stuff. I stepped closed and we started to talk.

I asked him: “Are you the Fashion Oehoe”.
The Owl: “Yes, I’m. You are Billy The Time Cat”
Me: “How do you know my name?”
The Fashion Oehoe: ” It has been written in The Shadow of space, that A cat will arrive in a blue box. He will listen to the name ‘Billy The Time Cat’ and he will change the future”
Me: “OK, that is interesting stuff you are telling me. Why should I change the future?”
The Fashion Oehoe: “Step into the shadow of the night, so we can talk freely”.

What happens next… that I will tell you next time.

Billy The Time Cat

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