The Fashion Oehoe – Part 3

ThinkingSo this adventure is really getting a hoot lead. What started as a search for a new garderobe  for me for Christmas is now a big adventure. Big in the way of a big fellowship, not a fellowship of nine but many more. That is all Amy’s fault and the TARDIS.

The Fashion Goeroe, demanded that we all should step into “The Shadow of The Night”.  It was not an easy walk to “The Shadow of The Night”. We had to climb the hills. I don’t like hills, I don’t like walks but it seemed that I was responsible for the kitties so I had to keep my head up. After we walked a few hours, some of the kitties got hungry.  None of them had a picnic with them, the plan was simple: ” A few hours playing in the TARDIS and then back home” Unfortunate faith decided that there was another plan. That plan included a very long walk but no food. So I decided to teach them how to hunt (I was once Queen Cleopatra her head hunter). Some of them adjusted and other well they wanted their catisfactions, grannies treats, dry food, tuna,…


When does a walk gets long? Well when everyone was getting tired and started to argue with each other. It was time to find a cave or a sleeping spot.  The first cave I entered was not a very good choice, it didn’t only smell like bear, there was a big angry bear who we woke up:

Bear Cave

Now, that was really scary. The second cave was not better, it was filled with bats…

bat cave

Caves we skipped from our plan for a sleeping spot. So we decided to sleep in a tree:


Where was our Mister Fashion Oehoe? Well he had it easy… he was flying around taking it easy. Took the best spot in the tree….

Oehoe tree

One thing is certain, never trust a bird. I hope this journey to “The Shadow of the night” ends soon and that we will find some answers…

Billy The Time Cat – Tree hugger against his will


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