The Fashion Oehoe – Final

The WallIs it gone? The Wall? Did we made it? Yes, we did! Oh boy, it was a great adventure. You know I asked that cats should dress up as reindeers… Well we had thousand of cats showing up.

Amazing how many cats would be skipping Christmas with family to save the world. (I heard a rumor that some of them, throw down The Christmas Tree, so the human put them in a separate room with water and food, so they could escape human control that way)

Keep Calm We have a planBut first we return to were our plan started…

We walked to The Science Oehoe his place. An old cave with old books, dust, actually nothing science looking to me. The Science Oehoe was excited to meet me, like I was kind of a famous cat. After a lot of  “Ah, Oh’s and your are really real ” (Yes, I’m). The Science Oehoe, got to the point where he explained his plan:

“The Fashion Oehoe made for the kitties a Santa Paws costume. I made a device so nobody could see the difference between the real and the fake Santa Paw. If they look to them, they will see the real one.”

What about his reindeers? “Well when Santa Paws was here the last time, we found a hair of his reindeer in his clothes. We saved it because we didn’t want to throw it away… With that hair I made a special device, it will give the cats reindeer powers… but it work only for a very limited time.”



Billy: “We plan to stop the person who we won’t name with fake Santa Paws, fake reindeers and they are all cats? Fake costumes?”

The Science Oehoe: “Yes, that is the plan. We have to distract him from the real Santa Paws”.

Billy: “But how do we stop Santa Paws, so he won’t enter the house of that person?”

The Science Oehoe: “Well, the person who we will not name, will send an owl to Santa Paws. We replaced that owl with one of our spies…”

The Science OehoeBilly: “Didn’t they make a movie about that. Yes, they did! I believe it is called Hairy Plotter. I hope you have been thinking about a plan B?

The Science Oehoe: “You are our plan B, if everything fails you can pretend you have a plan”

Billy: “What? I’m not plan B, I’m always plan A.  And where did you get that I pretend I have a plan”

The Science Oehoe: ” Well found a book about ‘Doctor Meow – The Time Cat” written by Booboo Moriaty, his loyal companion.

Keep Calm change of plans

Billy: “Show me… ” Shows the book ” That is science fiction, it is not real, it is fantasy, you know. Stories in a book.

The Science Oehoe: ” but you told once that books are the best weapons in the world..”

Billy: “And that is also written in that book I assume. Ok boys and girls, back to the TARDIS, We have a plan… and it is my plan!”

Now, my plan is the same as the Science Goeroe but I added a bit of wibbley wobbley timey stuff in it.

First step: ” How to get rid of the real Santa Paws” I had to prevent that Santa Paws would get that letter, you can’t trust owls with letters. The best way to keep Santa from home? Naughty kittens. He hates naughty kittens special when they hang in trees or destroy the Christmas decoration or when they drink the milk and eat the cookies the humans put out. Plan: ” Get milk, cookies out and get all the kitties naughty” He will have to check it out and reprimand every one of them in person..


Now, it is time for our part… I would dress up as Santa Paws and Amy, Rupurrt, Silvertje and the other cats would dress up as reindeers. With the device being short term, we would need to switch position a lot. Then it was time to go and fight the end of the world. I got the invitation from the owl and it got instructions how to get their. With the uniform on I really felt like Santa Paws, with my reindeer I saw the good cats and naughty cats (Amy, you must be a very naughty girl and you to Rupurrt). I smelled the milk and cookies (oh boy, I didn’t know it would have that effect) and finally I arrived… through the chimney (What else?)

Santa Cookies

The person who we not name, was sitting there with a nice stack of lovely cookies and a glass of milk. Something in my head was: ” Don’t eat it, don’t drink it” “Don’t do it”.

The person: “I baked you some cookies and I got you some very lovely milk. You should try it.”

Billy: “Yes, eh.. I mean no, I ate already to much cookies”.   Oh boy, this was hard, my body, my mind wanted those cookies but something inside me was “No, No, No, it is a trap”

The person kept asking, he started to demand, time went slowly, I found it harder to find arguments for not eating the cookies… You know when they say resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Well at that point I understood very well, how it fell.

I took a cookie and I was going to bite the bait when suddenly “The Real Santa Paws” falls out of the chimney…. Oh, no there goes the plan… The person could not believe his eyes. We both point to each other that the other one is fake. That person didn’t know who was real, so he told us that he would ask a little blue bird for help.

That is the last thing we saw from him. Me, well I’m on the naughty list for the next 1000 years (at least). Santa Paws, forgave the misbehaving kitties because they did it under my bad influence, so nobody is on the naughty list.

But at the end we saved the world…

Billy The Time Cat

Santa Paws Copy Cat






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