The Fashion Oehoe

Fashion Oehoe So, where are we? Oh, yes, long walk and a door. A door, that leads to the shadow of the night.. interesting, finally we should see the shadow of the night but not after a warning from “The Fashion Oehoe”, when you open that door you cannot return to your TARDIS. Ok, that sounds less fun. You will be legalized and have to stay here. Wow, sound scary. You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat, in this case I will be legalize. Sounds better then be killed and I just didn’t walk back all the miles. What the other cats did think about it? Well, next time they will remember not to play in the TARDIS. Ha, should not be a problem, we can’t get to it anyway. Fashion any 2099 First we had to dress up, we all got something “fashionable” on or head (oh yes, I have photos…) Then I opened the door and I saw a giant wall, reaching almost to the sun Billy: “Where are we, is this still planet Earth?” The Fashion Goeroe: “yes, This is Earth and this is The USA” Billy: “Really? OMC, who build this freaking wall?” The Fashion Goeroe: “You really don’t know? Let me tell you, I can’t tell you his name because there is a punishment if you speak out his name but I can tell you what happened.” Billy: “I’m listening” The Fashion Oehoe: “According to the history books, there were elections in the year 2016. The president elect, who we don’t name, had an obsession with walls. He wanted one on the border of Mexico. His plans were complicated and he wanted to do it fast. So on Christmas eve he invited Santa Paws. He gave him something to sleep. He borrowed his sleigh, because this was the only vehicle that could do the job in one night. His architects convinced him that the wall needed to be high enough, so he builded higher and higher until it reached the outer sphere. He used so much soil for his wall that The Earth got out of balance. He got his wall but the end of civilization was near. The Earth stopped spinning, humans disappeared with a lot of animals. Only the strongest survived but we can’t keep it up longer. We needed help, our only Scientific Oehoe, found out that the only one who could help was a cat in a blue box, living in the year 2016, so we sent a message to the past and we hoped you would read it, Fortunate you did.” Billy: “To help you, I need my TARDIS” The Fashion Oehoe: “I’m an owl, I’m not stupid, I know you made him very small and put him in your ear, btw that is ewwww…” Billy: “Ok, that trick didn’t work” Shakes his ears, TARDIS falls out and gets back to his normal size. Billy and Tardis The Fashion Oehoe:” The TARDIS has to stay here, we have to walk a few more miles and then we are at “The Science Oehoe” his place. TO BE continued…. Purs, Billy The Time Cat

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