The Fashion Oehoe.. Part 2

Dashing boy “Step in the shadows of the night” It sounds creepy, it looks creepy, it tastes creepy.The fact is that this sentence gave me the goose bumps. The night is dark and then the shadow of the dark. It is enough to loose yourself into the dark. When I was overthinking that I heard a noise coming out the TARDIS and suddenly Amy head appeared. “Amy what are you doing here?”
Amy: “Well, we were playing hide and seek…”
Billy: “We… so who else is in the TARDIS
The TARDIS door opened and suddenly Fientje, Silvertje, Rupurrt, Mr. Blackwell, Boo Boo Moriarty and many cats jumped out…

My jaw dropped, I’m on a very dangerous mission and in the TARDIS a bunch off cats are playing hide and seek and The TARDIS didn’t let me know. It is not the first time. I have to talk with her (although I think she was a crazy cat lady in her previous life).

I shouted at them that they should go back into the TARDIS and be quit.  They started to move back in when The Fashion Oehoe turned his head around and told them: “Once you heard about the shadow of the night you have to step into it”.

So, we all went into The Shadows of The night… A big adventure ahead, praying that it would be one with a good ending.

I left a note for the friendly fill-ins to be answered by one of my sisters (Amy or Fientje) but since they are both here… I have no idea who will do them… I hope someone will answer them

Knock, knock… anyone home? Billy, Amy, Fientje are you here? It is Santa Paws… Oh, look a letter. Look a friendly fill-ins, I love fill-ins. They are fun to read, maybe I should try to fill-in this one. Oh, it is about gifts, that is purfect for me…

Friendly Fill-Ins

The Fill-ins, that are not filled:

1. I have a hard time finding a gift for _______________.
2. I have no problem finding a gift for _________________.
3. One of the best gifts I ever gave was                         .

4. One of the best gifts I ever received was                              .
The fill-ins, filled in by me, Santa Paws. Oh this is funny:

The Fill-ins:

  1.  I have a hard time finding a gift for Billy. He has a TARDIS, with a swimming pool. A room filled with books from the top to the bottom. I room with blue paint, a room with tuna and plenty more rooms with cool stuff.  I think there is one thing he wants, that is peace in the universe but that is a gift I cannot give.
  2.  I have no problem finding a gift for Fientje, she is easy on gifts, some fresh meat and she is a happy girl.
  3. One of the best gifts I ever gave was a big forest to a big family off dogs. The traffic jams  are vanished since they have that forest.
  4. One of the best gifts I ever received was a new couch, the old one was old and it was not comfortable anymore. Still I don’t know who gave it to me, but someone told me they saw a blue box in the sky.

I hope you liked my answers, I read a lot of them but I never did one myself.

Santa Paws

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