The Daleks

The Daleks family
The first Dalek appeared at my house when my mom went to FACTS (Oktober 2014). Thinking she was going to “Foster A Cat To Safety”-event but it turned out wrong. Mom came home with Dalek-Mom and her siblings.
I still got hope that mom would put them up for adoption but after all these months it is clear that they became foster fails. They mess with mom her brains and they are trouble for Amy and me.
In April someone mailed us a Dalek, again it was clear that mom would keep this Dalek and named her Clara Oswald, The Impossible Dalek. Now I can tell you one thing she can bake Soufflé to like your paws of. Her soufflé with tuna is really the best in the universe.
I have to admit I kind of like that Dalek.
In April mom went to another convention. She adopted there some tiny Daleks and other creatures.
I don’t know where it will end with all those Daleks but I hope these were the last ones.

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