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The Cat Trap

The Magic Cirle Mom knows magic. I didn’t know until recently. I discovered this by accident. Mom doesn’t know I know.

Mom loves to crochet and I guess you all already were aware about that. She bought a book about crochet a while back it is called crochet Mandala’s but actually it is a magical book.

It is designed to trap cats. Yes, it is Amy can’t resist it. She always put her butt onto mom mandala. It is a real cat trap.

It is funny to see Amy sitting on it and she doesn’t move, she stares at nothing (I hope, otherwise it is more creepy)

I’m planning not to fall into that trap. I’m a smart kitten, I’m not a fool of a Took. This book is in dutch but it is also available in English. If you ever need to trap a cat for any reason then this book is your friend!


Love you all,
Billy The Time Cat

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