Thanksgiving turkey First thing: “Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA friends”. I hope you have a great day with family and friends. Second… Who stole my turkey? Seriously, mom told me there is no turkey left in the freezer. That is really strange. I have a lot of turkey in my freezer. Not only my TARDIS is bigger on the inside… my freezer is also bigger on the inside. I have to visit all my friends and check out if you have my turkey.  Prepare yourself that I will show up with my TARDIS and I will check your turkey, I will certainly recognize my turkey with or without feathers!

It is also Sammy’s Poetry day, the letter X is on the board, let’s see how many points we can score:

X is a point

Between the stars

X is a place

Hidden in the stars

X is a treasure

From the stars

X is a planet

There you are

Billy The Time Cat ©2016

Sammys poetry day

Now, I’m going to find my turkey back! Have a great and wonderful day my friends.

Billy The Time Cat

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