Wilby, The Space Cat

Schermafbeelding 2014-08-17 om 17.23.25Miss Wilby was born on the planet “Puff’n’Stuff” on August 17th. She traveled the universe in her own spacecraft: “The Puffy Cruiser”. One day she crashed landed with her  spacecraft “The Puffy Cruiser” on our planet. The place she landed was cold and not tropical like she was used on her planet. It looked grey, while her hometown called “Pluffystuffy” was filled with colors and lights. She landed in the misty mountains of England. She found a new couch and a snuggling family to stay with.

For months she was  looking for a way to  find her planet back. She saw one day a way to go back: ” A black cat with a blue box” flew trough the air. Her way to get out of this cold grey place called “England”. She searched and found “Billy, The Time Travel Cat”  and his blue box. A new friendship was born and they went on adventures together in universes far far away. She helped saving Earth on several occasions.

England and Earth became less boring thanks to her new adventures. She is now a real companion of the Time Cat.

And England is now her “forever home”!

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