Silvertje was born on the planet Terra Lamia. His  family belonged to one of the most noble “families” on Terra Lamia. His parents got addicted to catnip and spend their whole fortune to their addiction. They even dragged their son with them.  I took him away from his parents and found him a new forever home.


He still is addicted to catnip but he has it under control. I made him my traveling companion to save him so one day he can save the universe.

sweetHe learned to way of the warrior and now this heavy weight is not to mess with. Don’t underestimate him, he looks solid but runs like the speed of light. He became  fearless in what he is doing.  The toughest cat in the world or even in the universe.  His paws can shred you pieces. His weight can throw you of your feet. He is the Sumo cat of the Tardis. You don’t want to test the strength of his paws against yours: “you go home with a paw less”.

He can also be sweet, if he doesn’t forget it. He likes to snuggle with his mom. He eats raw meat and loves to sleep on his couch. He is a big best friend!

Silvertje is on Facebook, please feel free to visit him thereDSCN0181

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