Rupurrt Ninja Kitty

10149836_1385521205023323_3046783754200796779_nRupurrt Ninja Kitty, what can we say about him? He has his fighting skills: swords, claws, cutting tails, bitting teeth. He has a stealth mode, although nobody yet proved it: he shows up on places unexpected, while he wasn’t in the surrounding.  While traveling with Billy he learns new tricks from alien races, to improve his fighting skills. He is hard, skilled like a real Ninja. He is  a warrior with his hart on the right side.

While he isn’t on a mission with Billy he learns other kitties to misbehave. He is an expert in misbehaving for anyone who didn’t know that yet. He is  teaching Amy Pond  all the tricks he has in his sleeves. The desperate moms don’t know what to do with these two, tough they make it up with snuggles and tons of love. Rumors had it that he has a crush on Amy.


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