Amy Pond

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Amy Pond, the cat who waited. Came to live with Billy, The Time Cat when she was rescued by the biggest fellowship of cats. Her babies got catnapped by “Evil Cats”. They could not rescue her babies and she is still looking for them. Amy  is a playful lady who like to chew cables and jump at people feet. Every day is a new game; going from racing over the bed to kick her toys around.  All this she has learned from a master in misbehave:  “Rupurrt Ninja Kitten”. She is taking training from him to become a real “Ninja Kitten”.

She sneaks out to go with the TARDIS on adventure. She does that  while Billy is sleeping. She has her own way to bring other cats into trouble when she them on adventures.  “Trouble” is her middle name.

While she is not on adventure or misbehaving then she is sleeping or eating. She likes her catnip banana and other toys filled with catnip. She drinks cat milk and loves to eat raw meat.

  • Adoption Day: 08/08/2012
  • Black female feline
  • Lives in Belgium
  • Fanmail:
    • Amy Pond,
    • Brusselsesteenweg 253,
    • 9050 Ledeberg,
    • Belgium

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