Throw Back Thursday

TBT: When I was young!


When I was very young, I wanted to be famous. I wanted to be a movie star or scientist. I wanted to do something important. I became a time traveler. I became everything I dreamed of. I want to show you some old pictures of a very young me. When mom and I lived in our old place.

The quality is not good, but you so how handsome I was (and still am, don’t forget that).


I always love to play hide and seek. This was my favorite hiding place. Now I’m trained better (or more hard hearing) but then when my mom called I popped up immediately. Now I’m not so fast anymore.


Mom started to foster in these days creatures. She never stopped adding strange creatures to her family. I don’t know when she will stop but I hope it will once end!


The Wii, I did my daily routine on the Wii: napping, eating, playing… Just to get rid of that belly fat. I should restart again (like my mom, she has a lot of belly fat) and loose some weight!


Now, back to reality. Getting my breakfast and have some fun while saving the universe!

Billy The Time Cat

PS: There is one more cute photo of me for TBT on our photo blog: Click here to check it out!

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