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TBT and Thankful

img_3495 Today I’m thankful, thankful because I’m still here. Today I’m thankful, because my mom is my mom. Five years ago we came to the biggest challenge in our life. The Vet diagnosed me with diabetes. That day my mom decided not to give up on me. She delivered a fight to make me feel good again. I will never cure but I have a mom who will never give up on me.

Five years, ago it was really my lucky day.

It was a road with bumps and things to learn.  Mom observed me, learned about food and everything about diabetes in cats. She learned home testing of my blood ( I don’t like that part) where she sticks a needle in my tiny ears, sometimes a few times a day.


Did you know, that my mom put more then 1800 time a needle in me… It is good that I’m The Time Cat, that I heal fast otherwise I think I would leak like a strainer, that would be pretty messy.

Did you know, that mom gave me more then 100 bottles of insulin? I’m a real insulin addict it seems…


That I used more then 1800 needles? Every day my mom changes needles so that it won’t hurt when she put the needle in that

The most scared thing we once had was, that a needle broke and it was still in my fur under the skin? Mom had to pull it out, it was a bloody mess!

Now, it is time for a little poem, this one is written by my mom and me, :

Sugar, sugar oh so sweet
You are so dangerous when we meet
You creep into all what we eat

You are killer with silent feet
Sugar, sugar oh so sweet
You tricked me to eat

You left me with blood so sweet
It is time to defeat
The sugar oh so sweet

(Billy The Time Cat ©2016)
The upcoming weeks we will post more about diabetes in cats, like symptoms, food, excercise and a lot more.

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Now I’m going to snuggle with my mom celebrating the good life I have. Have a great evening,  love each other.


Billy The Time Cat


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