Throw Back Thursday

Taking a break

Taking a break Sometimes you need to take a break from stuff you love to do. Silvertje loves to nap and we told him he should explore the universe with us. He rather sit on his big fat lazy butt then go on adventure with us.

I love to time travel but the past weeks I started to enjoy being home. The sun is shinning here every day. Mom let us sleep outside in our little space. It is really dry here and mom said the dust bunnies are back in the house. I can tell you, dust bunnies are not easy to catch.

Ever tried to catch one? Wishing you good luck…. Here is the evidence I’m quit a good hunter, I even get myself under the furniture to catch one, the only thing I found until now is “dust”. No bunnies… feeling like breaking up with the bunnies and just go with the dust.

Billy and Dust bunnies

Throw back for this week. We participated a while back to a reddit gift exchange. Cats was the theme and look what we got. A scratcher! Still loving it.

Reddit gift exchange

That was all for today, love you with both of my hearts <3 <3

Billy ” Dust Bunny Hunter”


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