Attention mom!

11873428_10153797241843676_87455911254012111_n Friends, can you believe it that I was catnapped by a “Weeping Angel”? Neither did I or did my mom. I was sleeping in my basket and suddenly there was a “Weeping Angel in front of me. Yes, I blinked. I should not have done that but I did. I didn’t had any super eye glue left that Boo Boo Moriarty made for me so I ended up blinking. The Weeping Angel brought me to a horrible place that I managed to escape (The whole story is for tomorrow) I wanted to tell my adventure to my mom and she didn’t believe me…. She said I was always there in my basket. Yes, right if you focus too much on our Etsy store and spend no time watching me then you could miss this catnapping in a blink of an eye. I hope my friends when I tell you about this journey you will believe me. If not I have to send “Bob” to you! Talk to you later my friends, staying in sight of my mom, so she won’t miss if they catnap me again.

Billy The Time Cat,
Please don’t forget to visit our shop! We even have a Weeping Angel for sale! Just don’t blink, I don’t want you to end where I ended…

The Weeping Angel

The Truth Is Out There!

The Truth Is Out There!

The city of Ghent where  I currently live is an very old city. The first people who settled there, they were from ‘Celtic’ origine.  At the same  time a new city was born on the banks of the river Thames, it is now listening to the name  ‘London’. The founders were also from  ‘Celtic’ origine. London has his Time Lord and the city of Ghent has his Time Cat. What make both of these cities so important that they need a Time Lord and a Time Cat? “Rivers”

Why do I tell you these historical facts? I know most of you were sleeping during history classes because you found it boring. This is not boring history this is a ‘fantastic’ part of history and not only because someone asked about it on my Facebook page. It’s really fantastic! Continue reading