Eggsterminate final part!

DSCN1916-3 How does it feel being stuck with two Easter bunnies in the 42nd dimension? You don’t want to know. It’s worse then a bad opera. Fortunate Rupurrt and Mr. Blackwell were there to keep them separated from each other. We don’t want a bunny fight.
We had a bigger problem, mom foster fails kicked us out of the TARDIS and left us here. I think they leave us here behind and are taking over the Earth at this moment. It’s time to find out what is going on with Easter.
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Schermafbeelding 2014-11-29 om 09.07.45-2

To The North Pole – Part 3

There we sat all together with our little buts on the cold ice. Santa paw his town was death. The stardust was gone. Devastated, cold, sad, empty hearts…. the end of Christmas was near! Or not…

Amy Pond, The cat who waited: “You do have a plan, don’t you?”
Billy The Time Cat: No, I have a thing. “It’s like a plan, but with more greatness.”

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Finding Amy – Part 2

Photo2381The away-teams were out for a search and rescue mission in different universes and planets. I was pawing that they would find leads to Amy. The rabbits didn’t hear anything on this planet. They were kind of disappointed in themselves because they couldn’t help.

The dogs only smelled cats, but no Amy. They are still sniffing around on this planet, as they stop with every tree. I don’t think I should wait on them again.

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Finding Amy! – Part 1

What do we know about Amy her situation? The crack in my wall isn’t visible to humans, that is a fact. Mom talked about Amy, but she doesn’t remember that she revealed her full name: “Amy Pond”. The Silence has done something to my mom. The other fact is that she has a beautiful paw, what makes her a member of the feline society. When a member of the feline society needs help then we felines should help without hesitation.

Photo2291The first task is going to be difficult, we have to find Amy! I searched every spot in my house (Even moved my seats). Couldn’t find her.  Where is she? I pretty certain that she isn’t on this Earth! Maybe in the past or maybe in the future. I have to find out but I cannot do it on my own. So I called my team of superheroes felines to paw me out!

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Catsterminate – part 1

We, The Cats, are going to war against those pesky Daleks. It’s time that we end this plaque of large flees.  We won’t explain, we will not elivate and certainly not obey! We are cats at war no dogs! We have to make plans. Big plans, purrfect plans, ruthless plans to the end.

Mr. Mooch, Morton, silvertje, Miss Wilby, Tooga, Rupurrt  are a part of my war council. We will make a plan A, a plan B and if all fails we can still “Run”.

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The Polka Universe

Oh my dear friends,

The Daleks have plans to take control of „The Earth”. They will catsterminate everyone. I will need all the help to stop them. So today I started my quest. I had to find the Nekked cat lady who we met on the beach. She owns a Tardis and with the two of us we can safe our species and stop the Daleks. The information I got from the Intergalactic Police (Interpol) pointed me to the place or rather the person to be: „Prince Harry”. I was told there were some issues with Prince Harry with a Nekked cat and a Tardis. That should be her!
I went back in time when she got that issue with Prince Harry. I arrived when she just left the crime scene.

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Sleepy Tardis

Mom: “What is the Tardis doing in your basket?”

Billy: ” Tardis was sleepy, gave it a place to nap”
Mom: “What did you do with The Tardis, that he is so sleepy?”
Billy: ” Went Podracing with Morton for Mayor & Mr. Mooch and Friends. We went to the beach & met HRH from Tooga Tales en we did plenty more. Can I talk about later or tomorrow? I need a nap, then breakfast, then you have to work, so I won’t have time to tell you the details”.
Mom: “I understand, so you did cool stuff with cool cats?”
Billy: “ZZZZZ”