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Saving Mother’s Day

Love momMothers day, the day we thank our our mom that she is so patient with us for all us misbehave. That she forgive us for all the times we were hanging in the curtains or get stuff on the floor. When we urinated on the bed or other places, she always cleans it up. Or when we sing the song of our people after midnight. She loves us whatever we do!

She is taking care of us when we are sick, pampers us with love and kisses. She is our protector and the one we can talk to about our tiny problems.

When someone is planning to harm our mom, then we are getting armed and dangerous! Our paws get claws and we will protect them with our lives. Like we did last night… Continue reading

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Moisturize me! – Part 2

Photo0512 Silvertje:
Friends, I don’t know where Billy is. His mom told me that they watched “The waters of Mars” yesterday and that he gone missing. He said something in the sentence of no drip of water will touch my fur again and then he disappeared. That is why I take over the party of this evening. I checked and double checked the water is from Earth and not from Mars we are serving!
I’m not responsible for any viruses, bacteria, alien life forms,… that are in the water that I overlooked. I’m not a scientist, so with this cleared up, lets start the party!!!
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Catsterminate – part 1

We, The Cats, are going to war against those pesky Daleks. It’s time that we end this plaque of large flees.  We won’t explain, we will not elivate and certainly not obey! We are cats at war no dogs! We have to make plans. Big plans, purrfect plans, ruthless plans to the end.

Mr. Mooch, Morton, silvertje, Miss Wilby, Tooga, Rupurrt  are a part of my war council. We will make a plan A, a plan B and if all fails we can still “Run”.

We will win this fight for the sake of our tuna and the glory of  ” Our tail”.  Continue reading