Tricks with cables

Dashing boy Today mom was home (yes, love you mom). We had time to play and do some tricks, one of the tricks mom do is throwing with some dry food (our treats) and we have to run after it. Amy and I are always doing a contest. Who is first gets the treat, guess who is running the hardest and win most of the time? Right that is me! I’m not only handsome but also fast.
Amy told mom that she lets me win. I can’t believe that, I think she is such a slow lady.
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Thanks friends of Rory!

Rory Williams Forever_2 Blogging is a way to interact with the universe around us. We write, we make friends. We laugh, we cry. We make new friends and laugh more and cry more. Special when a beloved friend went OTRB.
Supported by your blogging friends know and unknown fills me with love, peace and compassion.
The world can be a hard place for a street cat, it certainly was for Rory. Mom cried a lot for Rory but thanks to all those friends, some we even didn’t know we had, mom can give it a place. Rory will always be remembered.
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A tribute to Rory Williams

IMG_20151019_085139 Rory, my friend,

We just welcomed you yesterday in our house and we have to say goodbye today. It was to short and to fast to learn to know each other but you stole our heart in a short time.

Mom saw you the first time an year ago, you were wandering around outside. You looked good, we saw that you were taken care off. Amy and I were jealous because you got mom her attention. She put food outside for you. The good stuff, our good stuff. We didn’t like it but we had nothing to say about it. You relaxed outside just on our window. You stayed sometimes for 10 min other times you were gone in a blink of an eye.

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Meet Rory Williams!

The past week we tried to catch a wounded cat that was wandering around. We almost gave up but this morning he trapped himself. Finally. Tomorrow we go to the vet with him.
You can support us with the medical cost if you want, go to our Etsy shop and buy there, all profits will go to Rory’s healing or you can donate to:

We will post our party monday evening and update the blog!