Rescue Amy

Schermafbeelding 2014-09-12 om 18.08.13The information we had about Amy wasn’t much but it was very good  lead. She was at a place called “New Earth”. But where is new Earth? Is it in the future, in the past? I didn’t know. It was time to pay a visit to River Song at the Library . She revealed to us what “New Earth” was. Continue reading


The Library

Hello Sunshine, where are you? To many hours without sun got me boring, so I decided I would go to “The Library”. There I met a strange lady: ” River Song”. She started to talk about time travel. What time travel can do, what it can change.  I didn’t realize that this could happen (I admit I will forget it now and then). So she learned me things I have to know as a “Time traveling cat”.

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