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Mickey & Rickey

DSCN3677Finally back from hunting turkeys. I had a blast, I went to a planet that had only turkeys as living creatures, I was there many years ago, so I went back. I lost track of time and space. They evolved, they have libraries and stuff like that. I could say I caught one but that would be a lie. The babies are so sweet. My return was a bit more stress. I forgot about Clara and the soufflé, she told you it was a surprise but the foster fails told me about it. So when I returned, she threw the soufflé at my head, so she didn’t lie that she threw away the soufflé. Continue reading

BC phones home!

10582898_709523702455906_1892653795109396058_oSomething  happened to Blue Chip, when we gathered information on the whereabouts to find Amy, he had his own adventure. Seems that Blue Chip sneaked on board of the TARDIS. Yes, he did! You couldn’t believe that, neither did me but he did! So while we did the search party he had his own hitchhiking into the universe. Such a handsome guy like him should have no problem to find a way in someones spaceship.  Continue reading


Doggy Style

Mom: In all you adventures that you told me, you only mentioned cats traveling with you. What is wrong taking birds, dogs or other animals with you on your adventures

Billy: I don’t know mom. Birds can fly away and if I cannot catch them they can change the environment. If they get in a tree what then? I have to get them out. I need to climb the tree maybe I’m getting stuck. So what if that planet doesn’t have a local fire department to get me out? Timecat stuck for eternity in a tree. “That would be the joke of the universe”

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WaterworldLet’s find ourself a water world. In my mind it sounded like a perfect plan with this heat. Swimming suit on and “Geronimo” off we go. I jumped out of the Tardis with the perfect dive. The water was perfect on this unknown planet. I was a real swimmer, a champ in the water. This for a cat, never new I had it in me. I didn’t care that my fur went wet. I loved it until I had to pee. yes, that became an issue, no sand, no tree…. I was far away to swim back to the Tardis, I didn’t bring my sonic screwdriver with me. Yes, you I see you laughing, it wasn’t funny . So I did something awful… I did it in the water. This was a moment to forget it in my travels. I felt so ashamed that I did this that a left the planet and never returned


Fighting Skills

This morning, I found a banana outside my Tardis. Asked mom, but it was not from her. Looking closer there was a little note from the Doctor: “Always take a banana with you”. What the heck was he thinking. What could I do with a banana? I don’t like banana’s. If he would send me a can of tuna, yes. The logic of banana’s escapes me.
I threw my banana in the Tardis. I got underway to find some adventures.

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Traveling Through Time & Space!

It started the day I got a gift from my mom. It was something blue and it was named police “Box” . The “police box”  had a door. I said I could not enter. Cats and boxes are the perfect match. My curiosity is bigger then a warning sign. I entered. Oh, man it looked bigger on the inside then on the outside. I learned to handle the box. It showed me what time and space was. We flew from planet to planet, some were friendly some were not so friendly. We crossed galaxies and universes. We became a time cat. I loved Time & Space, I fell in love with the blue box.  This is how my adventures started with the TARDIS. A name I found in the secret database.