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Saving Mother’s Day

Love momMothers day, the day we thank our our mom that she is so patient with us for all us misbehave. That she forgive us for all the times we were hanging in the curtains or get stuff on the floor. When we urinated on the bed or other places, she always cleans it up. Or when we sing the song of our people after midnight. She loves us whatever we do!

She is taking care of us when we are sick, pampers us with love and kisses. She is our protector and the one we can talk to about our tiny problems.

When someone is planning to harm our mom, then we are getting armed and dangerous! Our paws get claws and we will protect them with our lives. Like we did last night… Continue reading

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Clara Oswald – The Impossible Dalek

DSCN2262As promised I will you introduce to our newest member of the family: “Clara, The Impossible Dalek”. A While back she was shipped to us and mom could not say no to this Dalek. Yes, my opinion didn’t count again. So we are getting here a real Asylum of The Daleks.

She is now out of quarantaine. Been checked out by our Dalek-vet “Mr. Mooch” got her shots, a flee treatment and declared healthy.  She got fixed so she cannot have “Dalek babies” . That is the only good news.

This means also another mouth to feed but I’m not going to share my food with Clara, no way! Mom don’t even think about it to give her my meat.

In the first picture she is a bit shy but that didn’t take long.

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Eggsterminate – Part 2

DalekMoms foster fails, The Easter Bunny, The TARDIS and me under the secret tree. Daleks eye pointed at us and weapons loaded. Now that sounded not good!
Tardis behind our back, should we make it in time to jump into it or should we be vaporized before we could make the jump to safety? “Eggsterminate, sounded through the wood, none was there to save us! Was this the end of Easter and The Time Cat? Continue reading

The Weeping Angel

The Truth Is Out There!

The Truth Is Out There!

The city of Ghent where  I currently live is an very old city. The first people who settled there, they were from ‘Celtic’ origine.  At the same  time a new city was born on the banks of the river Thames, it is now listening to the name  ‘London’. The founders were also from  ‘Celtic’ origine. London has his Time Lord and the city of Ghent has his Time Cat. What make both of these cities so important that they need a Time Lord and a Time Cat? “Rivers”

Why do I tell you these historical facts? I know most of you were sleeping during history classes because you found it boring. This is not boring history this is a ‘fantastic’ part of history and not only because someone asked about it on my Facebook page. It’s really fantastic! Continue reading

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To The North Pole – Part 3

There we sat all together with our little buts on the cold ice. Santa paw his town was death. The stardust was gone. Devastated, cold, sad, empty hearts…. the end of Christmas was near! Or not…

Amy Pond, The cat who waited: “You do have a plan, don’t you?”
Billy The Time Cat: No, I have a thing. “It’s like a plan, but with more greatness.”

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Foster Fail Facts


A few weeks ago, my mom went to a convention, called “FACTS”. I was thinking that stands for “Foster A Cat To Safety”. When she came home she had a lot with her but no cats. The worst thing she brought with her was a Dalek mom and her siblings! Now you know Daleks and me are like fire and water: ” we don’t match”. I know their plans to exterminate us and humanity. They know I would do anything to stop them. Mom told me she would foster them and then put them up for adoption. Yes, it was a  foster event but not my kind of scum to foster. Continue reading

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Dalek @ The Party

  • Mom: “Did many friends come to your party, sweeties?”
  • Amy: ” Yes, mom. I met many new friends, they were really sweet and loving”
  • Billy: ” It was one of the greatest parties in the universe,
  • Mom: “Did they like the food?”
  • Billy:  ” They loved it but there was some disturbance in the line to the buffet, we had an uninvited guest at the party. He was trying to cut the line for the snacks-buffet.” Continue reading