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July Give Away and some TBT

Belgium Today it is Belgium National Holiday. It was in 1830 that Belgium became independent and that day the First Belgium King signed The Belgium Constitution. I can tell you it was boring, all those papers that were getting signed by everyone. No catniptini and I tried to get a in the constitution that all laws should be paw approved but somehow someone caught that extra “sentence” in the constitution and removed it.

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Adiposes have fun

Mom should loose it!

TARDIS and Billy

My friends, my mom should loose it. Seriously, it is a big issue! Mom should loose some fat. If she continue like that I have to install a bigger human flap so mom can still enter the appartement. Still wondering how she gained that much fat. The chocolade, candy and other stuff she puts in her mouth is unbelievable. If I should eat that much I would be a very big fat black panther.

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Schermafbeelding 2015-09-20 om 13.49.11

The trouble with…

Billy Tardis I want to thank everyone for the compliments I got on yesterday article. They really made me blush. “Handsome” (3x) , “Cutie”, OMC, Thank you Ladies! You made my day!
Now, don’t hold yourself to keep giving me the compliments. Mom doesn’t have time ( ok, that is not true) but she is studying (ok, that is also not true). Ok, she is making pom-pom, ponpom or how is it really written? I think I found a gazillion of ways to write it… but that is not important, the important thing is mom is making them Continue reading

Schermafbeelding 2015-09-20 om 13.49.11

Crafty Weekend and give-away

Crafty Amy Mom was in a very crafty mood. She went to a craft convention in an other town. She bought paint, stamps, a light for the desk and a lot of cool, shiny papers to work with. That means a weekend of crafting would be ahead! Now when moms craft Amy always sit on the front row. Picking things with her tiny paws. Bite in things. Me on the other hand avoid the craft table, I don’t want any paint on my beautiful fur. Continue reading


The Summer Of The Daleks – Part 2

DSCN2619 Due to circumstances, beyond our control, we had to cancel our adventure. Billy sneaked up on us and tied us to moms desk. This is not funny, we should exterminate Billy for doing this. While we were tied up Clara, The Impossible Dalek made diner for Billy… can you believe that? One of our own turning against us… Now, we cannot leave this unrevenged…

The Daleks, out of adventure and looking for revenge…


The Summer Of The Daleks – Part 1

DSCN2599Hello friends, do you remember us?
We are The Foster Fails of Billy’s mom.
Billy ignored us for a few weeks even months but with the good weather we managed to escape to the outside world. Billy, Amy and Silvertje were KO due to the heat, so we had some fun. Did we say some fun? No, We had a lot of fun. We decided to share the fun with you through Billy’s his blog. Continue reading


21/06/15: Etsy finds and Friends


13280_10153510778183676_6996210554960219935_n “Bow Ties Are cool”.

I love Bow Ties, they are really cool! It started with one, then 2 and now I have more then 10 Bow Ties. Now, I have cheap ones but mom wanted to have me some luxury ones.

Stylish good looking Bow Ties, she find that I’m better looking with them. So we started to search on Etsy after bow ties.

Many shops have bow ties, some for humans, some for dogs. Big small colorful and weird. Continue reading


Etsy Finds & Friends

11393006_10153579901653676_5276571949276402091_nThis week I already talked about Friendship. Friendship you can find in strange places. In my life I befriended all kind of strange creatures from a talking plant to a living stone.

Same for my mom, she has friends all around the world, although  I think she didn’t have a talking plant or living stone in her circle of friends. Some she never met but they are her friends.

When we started our little shop on Etsy it would be obvious that friendship would grow there.  This one started on the Etsy forums. A topic about a cat named “Sugar” who became a diabetic cat like me. Continue reading

Tardis blanket

Happy Birthday mom!

Birthdaymom2015Thanks everyone for the lovely Birthday Cards mom received. It was quit a hassle to get too the mailbox before my mom. I used my stealthy paws to sneak outside and back inside. Then I had to find a save place where mom wouldn’t look. Can I say: “Mission succes? Yes, I can”
She didn’t see it coming when she found all the cards at her breakfast table. I want to thank all my friends from around the world who send one! We love you!
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Saving Mother’s Day

Love momMothers day, the day we thank our our mom that she is so patient with us for all us misbehave. That she forgive us for all the times we were hanging in the curtains or get stuff on the floor. When we urinated on the bed or other places, she always cleans it up. Or when we sing the song of our people after midnight. She loves us whatever we do!

She is taking care of us when we are sick, pampers us with love and kisses. She is our protector and the one we can talk to about our tiny problems.

When someone is planning to harm our mom, then we are getting armed and dangerous! Our paws get claws and we will protect them with our lives. Like we did last night… Continue reading