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Fanmail: Valentine Card

Once and a while you get something from a true friend you have to share. This Valentine we got this card special made for me. You see my TARDIS, me with my bow-tie and Sonic Screwdriver.
Kadabra did a wonderful work on this card. We love it so much that we going to give it a special place in the appartement.
If you ever want to send mail to me, you are welcome, we cherish friendship from all over the world and universe. Mail it to:
Billy The Time Cat
Brusselsesteenweg 253
9050 Ledeberg
We always send a card in return.

Valentines Card 2015

Valentines Card 2015

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To The North Pole – Part 3

There we sat all together with our little buts on the cold ice. Santa paw his town was death. The stardust was gone. Devastated, cold, sad, empty hearts…. the end of Christmas was near! Or not…

Amy Pond, The cat who waited: “You do have a plan, don’t you?”
Billy The Time Cat: No, I have a thing. “It’s like a plan, but with more greatness.”

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The Cold in The Human

My human has a head cold and not only she does have a cold, seems that the whole planet has a cold.. Kadabra and her brother Fafnir decided to have a trip to find a cure for the ordinary head cold. They got into some kind of trouble but fortunate Boo Boo Moriarty got them save home. Young ones going on an adventure is asking for troubles. Still they hadn’t a cure. Continue reading